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A primary focus of IMVU is the member-developed content so IMVU actively encourages the members to participate in content creation. Members are able to create and sell virtual products. Developers have access to the IMVU software Creator Mode located in the 3D client itself used in creating and submitting new virtual products and can sell their products by listing them in the online IMVU product catalog. A member must own a name and have enough credits in the account for "derivation" and submission fees in order to become a content creator. IMVU uses its own proprietary Cal3D format consisted of .xcf (eXperimental Computing Facility) subformats. 3D Max7 is the most used Meshing program for IMVU products but Sketchup and Blender are used by many developers as well.

There are also a lot of derivations from the original product if the original product is left as derivable by the Content Creator. Members who bought VIP and had Guest_ removed from their name (by paying) can become "devs."