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WoW quests are always extremely important to players because of players acquire WoW currency (copper, silver and IMVU Credits), infrequent items, exclusive equipments and experience (WoW power leveling) by kinds of WoW quests.

Here as a professional WoW gold and WoW power leveling supplier, we do not only offer players WoW goods but also WoW quest guide freely. Here we will talk about Death's Breach.

When you report to Prince Valanar for The Scarlet Harvest, he will give you a new quest, and it will open up three others in the area:

1. If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins - kill stuff nearby in Haven-shire.

2. Grand Theft Palomino - approach a horse in the stables, mount it, and bring it back to Death's Breach.

3. Death's Challenge - duel 5 players or Death Knight Initiates.

4. Tonight We Dine in Haven-shire - collect fallen arrows in the farms area.

In matter of fact, you should try your best to complete more quests so that you can gain more rewards including World of Warcraft gold and other items. If you are being efficiency-minded, and there's really no reason to be, focus on collecting the horse last.