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Installed IMVU, and yet how to use? Rest assured, when you first use IMVU, when the main window will bring out the teaching of seven strokes, just remember that the seven basic use, there should be sufficient to meet the basic "Dairenzhidao" the ... right?

Also you just use the software, you may also want to have no friends that the person to play IMVU play what? In fact, as long as you press the top of its Luncher Chat Now!, Your character will sit at the bar inside, the way will notify the other on-line users that want to chat with someone is now, if the other party interested, that passers-by it may run slightly chat with you over the contrary, if someone else would like to chat, and you are online, then you may also receive such notification. All in all, if you play with friends, then, is a good thing to pass the time I fiddle all afternoon, so on the understanding of Dora, trying to find more fun features, it quickly under the right to experience ....